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Odor in Home

What is that smell? Could be your Sump Pump. Here are some reasons that your sump pump would have odor…

1.) Your Sump Pump is clogged-The most common reason for a sump pump to stop working is because it is clogged. This normally happens when waste material like paper towel, feminine products or anything other than toilet paper is flushed down the drainage system. The material then clogs the sump pump and the pump can no longer eject the sewage from the pit. The pit then fills up with sewage causing a foul smell to linger in your basement.

How to Fix?At this point you will have to take apart your sump pump drainage system, remove the pump and do a thorough inspection of the propellers and drain to ensure there is nothing jammed or clogged in the sump pump. If you are uncomfortable performing this task we would highly recommend contacting us at Vincent Plumbing serving Waukesha County.

2.) Your Sump Pump is Burnt out-The second most common issue is that your sump pump is completely burnt out. Sump pumps typically last about 8-12 years depending on make and model. If the sump pump burns out and is no longer working it can no longer eject the sewage from the basement which will lead to sewage odors and foul smells.

How to Fix?The solution for this is simple. The pump will need to be removed and replaced with a new pump. Again, if you are uncomfortable with performing this process we would highly recommend giving us a call for our sump pump services and we will be more than happy to help you out. We can give upfront pricing over the phone.

3.) Your Sump Pump Lid is Not Sealed Properly-A common issue that can cause sump pump smells and odors is an improper seal on the lid. Every sump pump should have a lid with a watertight seal. The purpose of this lid is to capture the sewer gasses and to ensure nothing is leaking out from the sump pit and into your living space.

How to Fix?The simple solution for this is to take apart the sump lid and reseal it. If the lid is cracked or broken, then you might be able to use a water tight silicone adhesive to seal the cracks. If that does not work, then the next option is purchasing a new lid for the sump and installing it.

4.) Your Sump Pump Basin is Dry-If the sump pump doesn’t get used for an extended period of time then the sewage/water in the sump pit will start to evaporate and dry up. This evaporation process then creates sewer gasses which can start to work their way out of the sump pit and into your house causing foul smells.

How to Fix?The fix for this is simple. Don’t let your sump pump sit for extended periods of time without being used. It could be as simple as flushing the toilet every once in a while to ensure the sump pump doesn’t dry out and cause sewer gasses to evaporate into your home.

5.) Improper Maintenance-The last reason a sump pump might smell could be due to improper maintenance. Sump pumps that aren’t maintained or ignored can have accumulations of sewage build up around the sump pit and pump.

How to Fix?Fixing this issue is simple. It requires performing a thorough cleaning of your sump basin and pump. We recommend pulling the sump pump out of the basin and cleaning the pump with hot water. We recommend doing the same with the sump basin. Once everything has been cleaned, you will then want to pump out all the extra sewage debris that is left in the sump basin as this can linger and cause more smells. We can help, call now.

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