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Why Tankless Water Heater?

A typical tank-style hot water heater will provide your home with approximately 7 to 10 years of use with 1-1/2 times operating cost compared to a tankless water heater. Many homeowners will commonly wait until their current water heater dies before they replace it with a new model, but others are interested in taking full advantage of the many benefits of a new hot water heater as soon as possible. Regardless of whether you need or want to buy a new hot water heater, there are many reasons why it makes more sense to invest in a tankless water heater in Waukesha and surrounding areas rather than to buy another tank-style water heater. 

Never Run Out of Hot Water If your home does not currently have a tankless water heater in Brookfield or surrounding areas, there is a good chance that you and your family members may run out of hot water. You may find yourself timing your usage of the washing machine and dishwasher around the times when you family may need access to hot water the most. This is inconvenient and can waste a considerable amount of valuable time. A tankless water heater in Waukesha and in other nearby communities heats water up on demand. The water passes through a heating element, and it is heated immediately before it is used. Essentially, energy is only used to heat the water at specific and usually very brief periods of time. This is opposed to a tank-style water heater, which stores heated water in a tank. When the tank is empty, nobody in the home has access to hot water again until the tank heats its water again. This could take dozens of minutes in some cases, which can be a huge inconvenience. However, be aware that a tankless water heater in Waukesha and other areas can only heat a specific amount of hot water at a time. In some homes, it makes sense to purchase two tankless water heaters to keep up with demand in the home.

Save Money on Energy Bills At first glance, you may think that the energy cost related to a tank-style and a Rinnai tankless water heater would be similar. After all, it seems like both types would heat the same amount of hot water more or less. However, remember that a tank-style water heater stores heated water in a tank until it is used. It could continue to heat the same water for hours or even days in some cases until you need to use hot water again. As you can see, a tank-style hot water heater can use a significantly larger amount of water than a tankless water heater. You may have heard that a tankless water heater could help you to save money on water consumption. The theory behind this is that cooled water in the pipes must pass through the system before heated water from a tank-style water heater can be accessed. However, this same process is in place when you draw water from a tankless water heater. In both cases, you must run the faucet or tap for a minute or two until heated water is accessible.

Relocate the Unit There are some cases when the existing water heater is not located in the most ideal place in your home. You may be renovating your home or simply altering the location of a few features. A tank-style water heater takes up a considerable amount of space in a home, but a tankless water heater would be very compact in Waukesha. Replacing an outdated and larger water heater model with a small and more energy efficient model during a small or large renovation project makes great sense. This could save a dozen square feet of more in the home, and it could even eliminate an entire closet-style room from blocking an important area of the home that you may want to enlarge or open up.

Enjoy a Great Return on Investment If you are thinking about selling your home in a few years or less, it makes sense to make a few replacements and upgrades. Savvy homebuyers will analyze the built-in appliances in your home. They will pay attention to how energy efficient and beneficial certain features, such as your water heater, may be. Homebuyers may consider a tankless water heater in Waukesha to be a true benefit, and they may be willing to pay more for a house that has this feature. This feature may also help you to sell your home more quickly than you otherwise would be able to. Remember that newer features are also a bonus in comparison to older features because of the likelihood of increased longevity and decreased repair costs. Some newer features may even still be under warranty.

A tankless water heater is an excellent addition to your home, but there are times when one heater is not sufficient. Give us a call at 262-347-3322 and speak to an expert about your home’s hot water needs. We can provide you with more information about the right water heater style for your Waukesha home!

If you’re still on the fence about switching to a tankless water heater, please visit for more advantages, disadvantages, and savings!

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